Pure documentary wedding photography. The real story of your wedding.
I want to tell the story of your wedding day. I thrive on the moments, the reactions, the emotions, the atmosphere.  I'm not interested in pushing you or shaping you to fit a style, or interrupting your celebrations to make you pose for me.
You, your family and friends, and all the plans you are making are what will make your wedding day great, and I want to give you a record of all of these so that you can remember and relive the experience for years to come.
 What is wedding photojournalism?
It's your wedding day, as it happens. This day that you spend so long planning so carefully, filled with excitement, suspense, emotion, drama and fun.  It can pass you by so fast, gone in a flash. I believe that photographs are a link to fleeting memories and moments, and great wedding photography should be about creating a timeless record that enables you to relive those moments forever.
Also known as a documentary or reportage wedding photography, wedding photojournalism simply means that I tell the story of your whole day through my images, with no contrived posing, prompting or intervention. 
Your wedding is a once in a lifetime experience to be enjoyed to the full with your family and friends, not with your photographer.